Future home of GunD.U.M.B., and allot of Awsome Mercenary, and Mech activist-like Action!!!

If You would like to join us as diplomatic Mercenaries (Like heavy activists too, We need those), then get a free GunDUMB.COM EMail address to actually join forces with us, and prove Your worth with some diplomacy,  just request one from GunDUMB@GunDUMB.com, and ask for ***YourName***@GunDUMB.COM, and tell us the password You would like as well, otherwize We will just give You the random password that is generated by the random password generator when We send You a confirmation E-Mail!!!

If You would like to join us for real like an activist would to start solid, or possibly know someone who can make the websites, services, and e-mail server stuff like We need, then please recommend them A.S.A.P. because I suck at makeing the whole system from scratch!!!! Please help us, and join us!!!

Real mercenaries are GunD.U.M.B.!!!

. . . peace . . .